School backpack 38x30x15 H-12 “Urban Style” 555964


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School hardframe backpack H-12 “Urban Style”

A strong hard frame backpack with 2 compartments. The front panel is designed like a “shell” which does not deform after light pressing and keeps shape in case of uneven load in backpack. The “shell” is made from solid EVA-material. The backpack adapts to spine and it prevents spine from curvature and supports the correct posture. The unique system of straps fixation allows to adjust the backpack position on the children’s back. There is additional chest belt for fixation of shoulder straps.Mesh pockets are for the drink bottles and others personal stuff. There is a compartment for the laptop, organizer, telephone. There are six light reflective elements. Hard bottom with protective pads.


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School backpack 38x30x15 H-12 “Urban Style” 555964
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