Free Ink rollerball, 1.5 mm, black 348399

Free Ink rollerball, 1.5 mm, black 348399


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Free Ink rollerball, 1.5 mm, black 348399

The Free Ink Roller combines the advantages of a ballpoint pen and a fountain pen. The roller tip is made of metal and able to withstand extreme loads, thus allowing intense writing pressure. At the same time, the even ink flow provides an agreeable writing action. The roller is available in two different line widths (EF and F). Depending on the line width there are 4 to 10 colours available.

Product details

  • Constant flow of ink down until the last drop thanks to direct filling system
  • Extra smooth and comfortable writing
  • Conical nib
  • Window to control the ink level
  • Document-proof
  • Line width: B
  • Ball diameter: 1.5 mm
  • Available in ten ink colours: orange, red, wine red, pink, violet, sky blue, blue, green, light green and black


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